Yogic Lifestyle Foundation

Yogic Lifestyle Foundation

Today, life has become so hectic that people have no time to give for self-growth. A group of people do give time for physical fitness but still suffer because the mind is struggling for peace. Every second person is struggling to stand out of the crowd and for that what not is done! Everything! People are sacrificing their peace today to get better tomorrow and the fact is even the next minute cannot be predicted.

Therefore, Yogic Lifestyle Foundation (An International organisation registered and approved under govt. of Delhi of NCT, India) took this initiative and designed a programme through which one live better life by practising Indian traditional system like yoga, naturopathy, Ayurveda & ‘Better Life Sessions’ Etc. and other drugless system to make lives better.

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Yogic Lifestyle Foundation Course (YLFC)

‘Yogic Lifestyle Foundation Course’ is one of the best courses available today to enter the world of yoga and healthy living. Many institutions are available today those are producing yoga masters yoga Acharya, yoga teachers and what not but hardly any which produces a good student or sadhak. After the completion of the course Candidates get the title Yoga Sadhak (practitioner).

Yoga Retreat Programme (YRP)

The world under heavy stress of different issues in life like personal and professional life. And the concept yoga vacation gives an amazing opportunity to relax mentally, physically and spiritually in beautiful arms of nature.

Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC)

After the completion of Yogic Lifestyle Foundation Course. Yoga teacher training course is the second step for interested sadhak/ sadhika those who wish to explore world of yoga as a yoga teacher to give light of knowledge to needy people and to make lives better. This course helps candidates to learn techniques of yoga training under the guidance of experts/ masters/ professionals of the field.

Professional Yoga Training Course (PYTC)

A unique and exclusive programme designed by Sadhak Mukesh which will give a professional touch to stand in the field of yoga in which a you are trained like; how to earn better being a professional yoga expert. You learn to use knowledge, skills, technicalities, business strategy, marketing, social media etc.

Yoga Sadhana Programme (YSP)

Yoga sadhana programme is an intense practice programme in which spiritual aspect of human life and growth is focused. One can reach up to his/her maximum capacity to inner strength through this intense training under the guidance of experienced practitioners.

MD (Yoga & Holistic Science) MDYHL

Master Diploma designed by Yogic Lifestyle Foundation which gives great opportunity to become Indian healer. You will learn yoga, naturopathy, Ayurveda, acupuncture, acupressure, spirituality, and healing methods etc.

Better Life Sessions by Sadhak Mukesh

‘Whenever I open my eyes and look around I hardly find a genuine smile on any face. I can feel the suffering inside which is not expressed or shared. People are running to be fit and fine but the race of being fit is actually based on physical fitness only. People hardly work on their mental fitness. And many people find themselves alone in the crowd. Sometimes it is difficult for them to interact with people. Many confusions in mind and they run to other faith to find the solution. Actually problem is within we need to work there and Better Life is the solution.’- Sadhak Mukesh.

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