There is a tremendous need and a rapidly growing demand for corporate yoga as more companies become increasingly conscious of the costs of stress. Yoga is a great gift for the corporate environment versus other exercise activities because yoga accommodates different skills and abilities, and provides stress relief benefits. Today the average employee as working more hours, has much greater responsibilities and is dealing with pressures and challenges that have never before faced. Corporate yoga classes not only benefits employees by improving morale and reducing stress but can have an overall of enhancing the entire corporate environment.

For corporate sectors where employees suffer from lifestyle related problems due to different time zones and long working hours on computer. When there is constraints of space and time, yoga can be done on desktop, sitting on chair or with help of chair and requires minimal space. Suitable to people having long sitting jobs especially having long computer usage like BPO’s, IT Professionals etc.

ASSOCHAM’s Reports

ASSOCHAM’s reports based on the survey of 500 corporate employees from 300 various companies/organizations across 18 broad sectors of the economy revealed that nearly 75% of the respondents suffered chronic/lifestyle or acute disease. Out of the 65% ill corporate employees , 32% were afflicted to lifestyle disease, followed by 21% suffering from chronic disease and remaining 12% have an acute ailment.

India is always diabetic capital of world and about to lead heart disease, a little has been done to cope with the growing problem of degrading health.

Why Corporate Yoga

Stress and strain of odd working hours along with sedentary lifestyle takes it toll on health. Many of the lifestyle disease progress silently without alarming one of the imminent risks. Lifestyle related health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, high cholesterol, backache, cervical, cancers, osteoporosis, thyroid related problems, high blood pressure, kidney problems may have life – threatening consequences. Various factors like sitting posture, multitasking, long working hours on computer, talking on phone while typing, irregular eating habits, rigorous, travel, night shift/odd working hours etc. bring lot of health hazards.

How Yogic Lifestyle Help

Our company offers specially designed sessions that are targeted to relax and unwind the mental fatigue, activate and rejuvenate the senses, change the body with vigor and vitality, enhance memory, sharpen focus and increase concentration.

Yogic Lifestyle Help In

  • Posture improvement for prevention of aches and pains
  • Strength building for greater resistance to stress
  • Techniques designed to alleviate tension from the workplace
  • Safe Yoga practices that bring more energy and balance to the body
  • Breathing techniques to energies to calm the body/mind

Yogic Lifestyle Use Techniques As Follow

  • Yoga & stretching (ASANA)
  • Yoga breathing exercises (PRANAYAMA)
  • Eliminating energy and flexibility, boosting circulation (INDO-WESTERN POWER OF YOGA)
  • Yoga relaxation techniques (YOGA NIDRA)
  • Yogic Diet and lifestyle (HEALTHY FOOD HABITS)
  • Self-awareness and introspection leading to positive thinking (MEDITATION)

Yogic Lifestyle Corporate Yoga Packages

Yogic Lifestyle Corporate Yoga Services are flexibility and designed as per requirements of different industries to fit their need. Examples of few of the industries are following:-

Yoga For IT/BPO Sector

High level of stress due to extreme pressure gives rise to sleep disorders, digestive, eyesight and spinal problems. Our company offers flexible options which will energies the staff, increase their efficiency and help them overcome the stress and fatigue.

Yoga For Industrial Sector

As the industrial jobs are becoming more challenging and demanding, managements is concerned about the safety of workers. A short program can be introduced in the beginning of each shift which can keep the workers energetic and vigil throughout the shift and increase their efficiency.

Other Related Area

IT has become necessary for each industry, increased use of computers leads to lifestyle related health problems. Long or short sessions can customized as per requirement.

Yogic Lifestyle Corporate Yoga Services are flexibility to the needs of the aspirants and are offered with following variations:

Sessions/workshops can be offered in the morning, lunch hour or after work. Sessions can be conducted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The duration of the session could be anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the type of program. All the programs are designed free of the barriers of age, sex and body types. The program suit all level of practitioner’s beginner, intermediate and advanced. Workshops and sessions are available for groups of varied sizes.


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