Ego Leads to Loneliness

Ego Leads to Loneliness

In 2014 at Patel Nagar, New Delhi;

I have been saying this for long time that people need motivational mental dose then physical fitness but the sad part is people are busy making muscles/ beautiful body but hardly any focusing on mental wellness as well. People feel ashamed/ insecure sharing their issues with anyone. Most of them feel that they can manage themselves. It’s good but not every time. We must accept that we are not perfect in all the aspects of life if we need some helping hand we must ask for it.


‘Ego leads to loneliness’-Sadhak Mukesh
(From my upcoming book Better Life Quotes- English Part-2)

Ego Leads to Loneliness

‘सारा खेल मन का है और लोग तन में व्यस्त हैं!’- साधक मुकेश
(Ref: Better Life Quotes- Hindi Part-1)

When I started healing people by yogic science and spiritual healing energy. I observed people around not only needed physical fitness but mental health training as well. Due to Stress, depression and loneliness few of my friends also faced serious trouble and few of them committed suicide. It deeply shocked. I could help them if they approached at the right time fortunately managed to save few lives.

And there are many famous elite class masterjis in the society who make people weak emotional fools mental slaves and loot them by buttery talks. Many times they hide the facts and truth.

Motivation and energy transformation is one of the most important need of the society today ap that people can face the different situations of life and survive being a wonderful warrior not worrier.

Therefore, I had a thought to start *Better Life Sessions* to heal and help people around.

And around 4 years back I said in one of my sessions that soon there will high demand/ need of motivators, spiritual healear, yoga healers, psychiatrist and counsellors in near future in India. Be prepared.

The sad part is even children are commuting suicide for strange and unusual reasons not only in India but all around the world. It’s alarming!

In Japan also suicide rate is higher compared to other countries. There are many examples can’t be explained here.

And in the support of my statement let me inform you that there are 9 million people in britain facing loneliness. And now United Kingdom has its own Minister of Loneliness. I know it’s shocking but the fact.

People call me not only for yoga but for many reasons can’t explain as it’s their personal lives. There is no miracle but the healing energy experience. Issues can be resolved or at least can be gradually managed.

People come, take and forget but their smile is our satisfaction.

I and my team are fortunate and happy to tell that our success rate is near 100%

It’s never too late! Never miss any session.

We are here help you with smile.

Sadhak Mukesh