In Tune with Infinite

In Tune with Infinite

“Krishna said to Arjuna: ‘Brother, you will not realize Me if you possess even one of the eight siddhis.’ These give only a little power. With healing and the like one may do only a little good to others. Isn’t that true?”

“Therefore I prayed to the Divine Mother for pure love only, a love that does not seek any return. I never asked for occult powers.”

[Sri Ramakrishna in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna]

One day, Sri Ramakrishna offered all the Siddhis that had come to him to Narendra. Any one else would have greedily snatched at the offer, but the future Swami Vivekananda instead asked his master whether these powers would enable him to realize God. The Master smiled, and said, ‘No, but they will give you a high position in the world.’ Narendra replied, even as Maitreyi replied to her Yogi husband Yajnavalkya :

“yenaham na amrita syam kimaham tena kuryam” “What shall I do with that which will not lead me to Immortality?” We are remained again of young Nachiketas courteously declining Yama’s stupendous offer “tavaiva vahastava nritya gite” – you keep to yourself all the cars and dances and songs. I refuse to be diverted from the Supreme Goal by all these degenerating titbits.

Let not therefore, fringe benefits lure us away from the ‘summum bonum.’ Dive deep into the Divine and be ever in tune with the infinite.

-The Vedanta Kesari

In Tune with Infinite