Time Management

*Time management*

_*Set priority*_

People usually say I’m busy I have no time to practice yoga. Actually nobody is busy its all about priorities. So better to say Im busy with my priorities.

_*Avoid multi-tasking *_

Generally people try to focus on different things at one time which is actually key to achieve nothing but ‘0’. You should focus or master one field. It might be anything. Whenever one special area is discussed your your name must be in the list. Master skill/area/profession and other things should be put at secondary place.

_*Unnecessary stress*_

Don’t wait for last date of your utilities/bills etc like mobile, DTH, yoga newspaper etc. Pay tinon or before date. Because it creates unnecessary embarrassment situation when delayed.
Better to practice yoga than to check weight. Nobody is going to ask your weight but will definitely comment or compliment on your appearance.

_*Better to invest than to spend*_

Invest your hard earned money. Now question is where to invest. Your top priority to invest must be your health and education/skill.


There two awakenings
2. Within
Outside: People everyday wake up to do repeated tasks. And die everyday to to be born to repeat.
Within: Once you wake-up will never fall sleep. Hardly any to make efforts for it.
In general,
When you wake up early you get more to work on goals

_Sadhak Mukesh_
*Yogic Lifestyle Foundation*