Area of operation for YLF to be extended its activities all over the India and also in the World.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives for which the YLF is established are as under:

At the time of establishment the role and goal of Foundation was clearly defined in terms of its aims and objectives, to which it is passionately striving to achieve;

  1. To preach, teach and propagate, with a view to bring home every individual the facts;
  • That natural health and yoga is a Divine boon and right of every individual.
  • That natural and yogic healthy living is the best insurance against sickness.
  • That Natural Health and yoga are the only means of raising the level of health for personal as well as collective peace, spirituality, prosperity and happiness.
  • To run workshop and courses as continuing development of yoga and naturopathy practitioners various other programs, Diploma, Master Diploma, Certificate level courses in the field of yoga, spirituality and other alternative medicines etc. in connection with natural health.
  • To give our society a medicine free environment through various Drugless Therapies.
  1. To promote our mission “Prevention is better than cure”.
  1. To promote employments to the various India unemployed youths through getting them trained Yoga and Naturopathy.
  1. To foster and to conduct research in the science of natural health and yoga and to publicise the result to hereof through the scientific journal and general newspaper.
  2. To help the society for attaining physical, Mental, spiritual, Economical and social well- being with special emphasis on women, children, aged, disable and the weaker sections.

All the activities shall be non-profitable shall be done “No profit\no loss”.